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Welcome to Sarsen Games! We’re a small-but-mighty table top gaming company in the UK that creates books and supplements for Dungeons and Dragons. Founded in 2020, we’ve published over 1000 pages of Homebrew content across a series of books and products that help you build your worlds, characters, and everything in between.

From forgotten spells, and plants that transform the land, to a new pantheon of gods and an army of new subclasses, we’ve got hundreds of unique ideas so you can table something new and bring your campaigns to life. We ship globally, and have appeared on table tops, one-shots and streams all over the world. We’ve inspired cosplayers, influencers and professional DMs who use our material to tell amazing stories - and with the launch of our online store, now you can too.

Check out our store to see what’s available; catch up on our latest blogs and videos to get helpful tips and tricks, and follow our socials to hear about new projects.

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