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PlotCards: Physical Deck - DnD story-building cards

PlotCards: Physical Deck - DnD story-building cards

SKU: SG0001

Introducing PlotCards! - the new name of our already successful Kickstarter campaign, now available online!


PlotCards is a randomly generated story-building card set for Dungeons and Dragons that gets the players involved, challenges the DM’s quick-thinking, and spices up your story-building with a bit of chance and adventure!


To play, one player picks a ‘beginning’, other players pick a ‘middle’, and the DM picks an ‘ending’.

It’s then up to the DM to build an off-the-cuff impromptu adventure around your plot points!

PlotCards can build long campaigns with complex narratives and amazing plot-twists, or fast-paced crazy one-shots with plot-points the players will never see coming!


There’s over 1 million ways to combine your deck! From Polymorphing Wizards and Myconid Pie to Underwater temples, rescue missions, forgotten jungles and crazy townsfolk!


Let your imagination run wild and your story plots will never be the same again!

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